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Adobe Premiere Pro AI: What to Expect from the Future of Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro AI What to Expect from the Future of Video Editing Source
Adobe Premiere Pro AI What to Expect from the Future of Video Editing Source

Adobe Premiere Pro AI: What to Expect from the Future of Video Editing – Key Notes:

  • Adobe announces the upcoming integration of generative AI into Premiere Pro, enhancing video editing capabilities.
  • Key features include Object Addition, Object Removal, and Generative Extend, powered by the new Adobe Firefly Video Model.
  • Provides flexibility with a selection of AI models for various editing tasks, including options from third-party collaborations.
  • Introduction of AI-powered audio tools to improve sound editing experiences.
  • Adobe commits to transparency with the introduction of Content Credentials for documenting AI contributions.

Adobe Premiere Pro AI – Next in Video Editing

Adobe Premiere is a leading video editing software that has been empowering creatives for over a decade. With its suite of powerful tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition, Adobe has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Now, Adobe is taking its commitment to enhancing creative workflows a step further by integrating generative AI into Premiere Pro.

The Power of Generative AI in Video Editing

Video has emerged as the most compelling medium for storytelling, from social media posts to feature-length films. It allows creatives, brands, and individuals to connect and engage with their audience in powerful ways. Adobe recognizes the potential of generative AI to further enhance human creativity. By integrating generative AI across Creative Cloud, Adobe aims to provide creative professionals with more power and efficiency in their video editing workflows.

The Premiere Pro team has been actively engaging with the professional video community to understand how generative AI can address real-world challenges in their work. Through this collaboration, three key requirements have emerged:

  1. Integration into Workflows: Editors want AI to seamlessly integrate into their daily workflows, directly within Premiere Pro. Adobe is committed to delivering AI tools that fit seamlessly into the existing editing process.
  2. Editing Existing Content: The real value of generative AI lies in its ability to enhance existing content. Editors need AI-powered tools that can add objects, remove distractions, or seamlessly extend clips on the timeline, all while maintaining precise control.
  3. Choice of AI Models: Every project is unique, and editors require the flexibility to choose from different AI models that excel in specific tasks. Adobe is dedicated to providing a range of AI models, including its own Firefly Video Model and third-party integrations, to cater to diverse editing needs.

Enhancing Video Editing Workflows

Adobe is thrilled to unveil the new generative AI tools designed to revolutionize video editing in Premiere Pro. These tools are set to provide editors with unprecedented possibilities, allowing them to achieve effects and results that were previously unimaginable.

Generative Extend: Adding More Frames with Ease

One common challenge faced by editors is the need for a few extra frames to achieve seamless edits or transitions. With the Generative Extend tool, editors can now generate entirely new frames at the beginning or end of a clip. This tool empowers editors to fine-tune their edits, hold shots for an extra beat, or add frames to cover transitions. By simply clicking and dragging, editors can effortlessly achieve the perfect edit.

Object Addition and Removal: Enhancing Visual Composition

The Object Addition and Removal tools powered by AI simplify the process of manipulating objects within a frame. These smart masking and tracking tools enable editors to easily select and remove moving objects over time. Additionally, editors can seamlessly add new objects to enhance the visual composition of a shot. Whether it’s removing unwanted items like boom mics or adding set dressings like paintings or flower vases, the Object Addition and Removal tools make it faster and more intuitive than ever before.

Generative B-Roll: Unlocking Creative Possibilities

Finding the right b-roll footage can be a time-consuming task. With the Generative B-Roll tool, editors can now generate video clips that perfectly complement their story. By using simple text prompts, editors can create shots that illustrate challenging or fantastical concepts. This tool is also invaluable for creating placeholders to aid in planning and pacing. Editors can now spend less time searching for stock footage and more time bringing their creative vision to life.

An Open Approach to AI Models

Adobe recognizes the importance of choice and transparency when it comes to AI models. As the field of generative AI evolves rapidly, Adobe is committed to providing open platforms and partnerships to deliver the capabilities customers desire. Collaborations with companies like OpenAI, Pika, and RunwayML aim to offer a diverse range of AI models that cater to various use cases.

To ensure transparency, Adobe has introduced Content Credentials, similar to a nutrition label for content creation. Content Credentials allow users to understand which AI models were used in the creation of media. This commitment to transparency builds a chain of trust from creation to editing to publication, empowering users to make informed decisions about the content they consume.

AI-Powered Audio Tools

In addition to the remarkable generative AI video tools, Adobe is also introducing a set of AI-powered audio tools to enhance the audio editing experience in Premiere Pro. These tools include interactive fade handles, essential sound category tagging, effect badges, redesigned waveforms, and the AI-powered Enhance Speech tool. These audio enhancements enable editors to create custom audio transitions, automatically tag audio clips, and improve poorly recorded dialogue, ultimately delivering a polished and professional audio mix.

Embracing the Era of Generative AI

Adobe’s integration of generative AI into Premiere Pro marks an exciting new era for video editing. By leveraging the power of AI, editors gain access to groundbreaking tools that streamline workflows, enhance creativity, and push the boundaries of what is possible in video editing. With the upcoming Firefly Video Model and potential third-party integrations, Adobe is providing editors with endless possibilities to bring their vision to life.

The future of video editing is here, and Adobe Premiere Pro AI is leading the way. Embrace the power of generative AI and unlock new levels of creativity in your video projects.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro: A leading video editing software from Adobe, offering a range of powerful tools for video, audio, and motion graphics editing, favored by professionals across the filmmaking and broadcasting industries.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: A comprehensive collection of over 20 desktop and mobile apps and services for various creative needs, including photography, design, video, web, and UX, provided by Adobe.
  • Adobe Firefly Video Model: A forthcoming generative AI model developed by Adobe, aimed at enhancing video editing tasks such as object manipulation and scene extension within video frames.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What new capabilities will Adobe Premiere Pro AI bring to video editors? Adobe Premiere Pro AI will introduce transformative AI tools such as Generative Extend, Object Addition, and Object Removal. These features are designed to simplify complex editing tasks and unlock new creative possibilities, setting a new standard for efficiency and creativity in video editing.
  2. How will Adobe Premiere Pro AI impact professional video editing workflows? The integration of AI into Adobe Premiere Pro is set to streamline editing processes, reduce time spent on manual tasks, and enhance overall creative output. Professionals can look forward to integrating these AI tools seamlessly into their existing workflows for a smoother, more efficient editing experience.
  3. Will Adobe Premiere Pro AI include enhancements for audio editing? Yes, alongside video tools, Adobe Premiere Pro AI will feature AI-powered audio tools aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of audio editing. These will include capabilities for improving dialogue clarity, creating smooth audio transitions, and more precise sound effect placement.
  4. What AI models will Adobe Premiere Pro AI offer, and how can editors choose between them? Adobe Premiere Pro AI will offer a variety of AI models, including Adobe’s own Firefly Video Model and those from partners like OpenAI and RunwayML. Editors will have the flexibility to select the most suitable AI model based on the specific requirements of each project.
  5. What are Content Credentials, and how do they enhance transparency in Adobe Premiere Pro AI? Content Credentials act like a digital label that provides detailed information about the AI models used during the video editing process. This feature is part of Adobe’s commitment to transparency, helping users understand and trust the AI-augmented content creation process.

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