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Exhibition on Design Intelligence by China Academy of Art held in China

Exhibition on Design Intelligence by China Academy of Art held in China
Exhibition on Design Intelligence by China Academy of Art held in China

HANGZHOU, ChinaJuly 3, 2024 — On June 29, the “Gather Great Wisdom to Shape the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing—Special Exhibition on Design Intelligence and High Quality Development”, hosted by the China Academy of Art (CAA), opened at the National Museum of China in Beijing.

This exhibition is based upon a show of the results of the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) hosted by CAA. The DIA has been moving toward its goal of “becoming a world-class industrial design award” over the past decade. Anchored in the intelligent manufacturing motifs of “humanistic intelligence, life wisdom, science-art intelligence, and industrial think tank”, the DIA focuses on the deep integration of critical, disruptive technological advances with humanistic care, with a mission to identify and apply new technologies, products, and models to lead the modernization and transformation of industries. It has rapidly evolved into China’s most globally influential comprehensive innovation design award, providing unceasing momentum for developing new quality productive forces and establishing a robust innovation platform for high-quality development.


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The exhibition showcases the select cases and cutting-edge technological design works from the DIA over the past decade, as a pioneering comprehensive review of China’s advancements in design intelligence and design evaluation, to meet the latest requirements on new quality productive forces and elucidate the deep implications of high-quality development.

The exhibition features over 180 outstanding products in the field of design intelligence, centered around the theme of “Design Intelligence and High-Quality Development.” They are presented through four thematic sections: “Artificial Intelligence”“Life Health”“Green Development”, and “Better Life”, along with four scenarios: “Embodied Intelligence”Brain Space“Low-Altitude Economy”, and “Smart Kitchen Appliances”. They represent China’s significant achievements in high-quality development and intelligent transformation in the new era and serve as vivid examples or typical cases for the exploration and development of new quality productive forces.

Gao Shiming, President of CAA, said, “The DIA is more than just an award, as it is establishing a global industrial think tank for the innovative development of the current digital economy and smart society, providing ‘design intelligence’ for the iterative innovation of ‘Made in China‘. We always believe that the focus of design is on ‘people,’ not ‘objects’. It is the designer’s responsibility to create new life aesthetics in the digital intelligence era and preserve and develop humanity in the context of the new digital civilization characterized by new technological conditions, social connections, values, and ethics of the 21st century.”

Artificial Intelligence—From Computer Aid to Brain-Inspired Intelligence

With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology, human society is advancing toward intelligent digitization while experiencing significant transformations in lifestyles and thinking patterns. Artificial Intelligence is evolving from a simple computer aid to a complex system with intelligent judgment and autonomous action competence, increasingly resembling the human brain.

This section presents the developments of brain-inspired intelligence technology in various fields through three sub-themes: “Industrial Hub”, “Aerospace Intelligent Control”, “Immersive Intelligence”, and one scenario: “Embodied Intelligence”.

Life Health—From Healthcare to Human Enhancement

Humans are the objective of development, not the means of development. Life health underpins human reproduction and survival, the inheritance and innovation of civilization, and the advancement and evolution of society.

This section focuses on product innovation in healthcare through three sub-themes: “Functional Extension”, “Life Maintenance”, “Health Management”, and one scenario: “Brain Space“.

Green Development—From Economies of Scale to Green New Quality

Green development is an essential part of high-quality development, and new quality productive forces are inherently green productivity. In the context of ecological civilization construction transcending geopolitical boundaries and involving the fate of humankind, there are challenges in coordinating the relationships among high-quality development, ecological civilization construction, and new quality productive forces to activate green new quality efficiencies. Design intelligence provides rich and valuable cases to help address these challenges.

This section zeroes in on concrete practices of design intelligence in fostering green development across fields through three sub-themes: “Low Carbon Travel”, “Clean Energy”, “Green New Materials”, and one scenario: “Low-Altitude Economy”.

Better Life—From Lightweight Convenience to Intelligent Betterment

Driven by rapid technological progress and continuous design innovation, people’s lifestyles are being redefined in an unprecedented manner. Amidst the transformation, design intelligence is a key force in enhancing the convenience and intelligence level of daily life as it substantially contributes to bridging the gap between the increasingly growing need for a better life and the insufficient and unbalanced development in China.

This section showcases a new life vision of human-machine harmonious coexistence shaped by tech innovations through three sub-themes: “Optimized Daily Life”, “Kitchen Revolution”, “Future Cleanliness”, and one scenario: “Smart Kitchen Appliances”.

The “Gather Great Wisdom to Shape the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing—Special Exhibition on Design Intelligence and High Quality Development” has sent out a message that the deep integration of technological innovations and design intelligence, especially cutting-edge innovations, disruptive technologies, and advanced manufacturing technologies represented by new-generation IT, is playing a key role in AI application, life health, green development, and life betterment. This is increasingly becoming a consensus across all sectors of society.

In adherence to its founding principle of “Gather Great Wisdom to Shape the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing”, the DIA aims to establish an innovation platform for new quality productive forces through multi-dimensional collaborations, including international competitions, cross-sectoral alliances, business-education integration, and regional coordination. This platform is expected to contribute significantly to the high-quality development of China’s economy and society.

Alongside the exhibition, a seminar titled “Ten-Year Journey and Future Development of the DIA Award” took place to review the development journey and outlook of this prestigious award.

The exhibition will last through mid-August.

SOURCE China Academy of Art

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