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Mark Zuckerberg for Meta’s AI: 350,000 Nvidia H100s for Human-Level Intelligence

Mark Zuckerberg for Meta's AI 350,000 Nvidia H100s for Human-Level Intelligence, screenshot from his Instagram Video Source
Mark Zuckerberg for Meta's AI 350,000 Nvidia H100s for Human-Level Intelligence, screenshot from his Instagram Video Source

Mark Zuckerberg for Meta’s AI: 350,000 Nvidia H100s for Human-Level Intelligence – Key Notes Section

  • Pursuit of AGI: Meta joins the race for creating super artificial intelligence, with Mark Zuckerberg emphasizing the need for general intelligence to build the products Meta envisions.
  • Development of Llama 3: Meta is working on Llama 3, a next-generation AI model, as part of its commitment to advance AI technology.
  • Open-Source Vision: Zuckerberg advocates for responsibly open-sourcing AI, believing it opens up opportunities and value for everyone.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Meta is significantly investing in computational infrastructure to support its ambitious AI roadmap.
  • Addressing AI Talent: Amidst intense competition for AI talent, Meta aims to attract the best engineers by focusing on ambitious and meaningful AI problems.

Meta’s Ambitious Leap into AGI

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has recently made a bold declaration about the company’s future direction in artificial intelligence. In a world where AI is rapidly advancing, Zuckerberg’s insights provide a glimpse into the potential future of technology and its impact on society.


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Furthermore, in an exclusive interview with The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg shared his vision for Meta’s involvement in developing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

AGI, as Zuckerberg describes, is an AI capable of performing all intellectual tasks that humans can perform.

This pursuit puts Meta in a race with other tech giants like Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Google. Zuckerberg’s commitment to this cause is not just about technological advancement but also about attracting the best engineers in the AI field.

“We’ve come to this view that, in order to build the products that we want to build, we need to build for general intelligence,”

Zuckerberg told The Verge​​​​.

“I think that’s important to convey because a lot of the best researchers want to work on the more ambitious problems.”

he mentioned as well.

The Development of Llama 3 and Beyond

Meta has already released its own AI model, Llama 2, and Zuckerberg mentioned that his teams are working on the next version, Llama 3.

This development is part of Meta’s larger plan to build a large-scale compute infrastructure, including 350,000 Nvidia H100s, by the end of 2024.

Zuckerberg highlights the importance of this infrastructure in supporting Meta’s future AI roadmap.

He also emphasized the potential for new devices to connect AI with the metaverse, with Meta’s AI-powered smart glasses ‘Ray-Ban Meta‘ being just the start​​.

Zuckerberg’s Perspective on AGI’s Definition and Impact

The definition of AGI is still a subject of debate among data scientists, as Nick Clegg from Meta pointed out at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Zuckerberg acknowledges this ambiguity, stating to The Verge,

“You can quibble about if general intelligence is akin to human level intelligence, or is it like human-plus, or is it some far-future super intelligence.”

Amid the ambition to achieve AGI, there is also fear that the technology’s abilities might become too powerful and beyond human control​​.

The Open-Source Vision for Meta’s AI

Mark Zuckerberg for Meta's AI 350,000 Nvidia H100s for Human-Level Intelligence, screenshot from his Instagram Video<a href="https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2QARHJR1sZ/?" rel="nofollow"> Source</a>
Mark Zuckerberg for Meta’s AI 350,000 Nvidia H100s for Human-Level Intelligence, screenshot from his Instagram Video Source

Zuckerberg’s vision for Meta’s AI extends beyond just development; he aims to responsibly open source it, benefiting everyone in their daily lives.

This approach is in contrast to other companies, which have become more closed off in sharing their work as their technologies have become more valuable.

“I think one of the big challenges here is that when you create something truly valuable, it becomes concentrated in one point. If we can make this more open, we can open up opportunities and value,”

Zuckerberg said​​.

Zuckerberg on the Talent and Infrastructure in AI

The competition for talent in the AI field is fiercer than ever, with AI development companies offering compensation packages exceeding $1 million a year.

Zuckerberg emphasized the need for computational infrastructure required to train large-scale models.

He mentioned that Meta had purchased 150,000 H100s in 2023, a significant amount even when compared to Microsoft, and plans to purchase more to build its computing infrastructure​​.

Meta’s Future in the AI Landscape

Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Meta’s involvement in AGI development is a statement of intent in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

With the pursuit of AGI and the development of sophisticated AI models like Llama 3, Meta is positioning itself as a key player in the future of AI.

Zuckerberg’s open-source vision for AI development could have profound implications on how AI technology is shared and utilized globally, potentially democratizing access to advanced AI tools and capabilities.

In conclusion, Mark Zuckerberg’s insights into Meta’s AI ambitions, particularly in the realm of AGI, provide a fascinating look into the future of technology and its potential impact on society. As AI continues to advance, Meta’s role in shaping this future will be closely watched by the tech world and beyond.

FAQ Section:

  1. What is Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for Meta in AI?
    Mark Zuckerberg envisions Meta at the forefront of AGI development, aiming to build AI that mirrors human intelligence and benefits everyone.
  2. What is AGI, and why is it important for Meta?
    AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is AI that can perform any intellectual task that a human can. Meta’s pursuit of AGI aims to create more intuitive and powerful AI products.
  3. What is Llama 3, and how does it fit into Meta’s AI strategy?
    Llama 3 is Meta’s next-generation AI model, part of its plan to build a robust AI infrastructure and advance towards creating human-level AI.
  4. What does Zuckerberg say about the open-source vision for Meta’s AI?
    Zuckerberg emphasizes the importance of open-sourcing AI development, believing it democratizes access to technology and fosters innovation across the globe.
  5. How is Meta addressing the computational needs for AI development?
    Meta is building a large-scale compute infrastructure, including 350,000 H100s, to support the training and development of advanced AI models like Llama 3.

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