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Real Juice Media Unveils Audience-Curated Lifestyle Personas for Brands

Real Juice Media Unveils Audience-Curated Lifestyle Personas for Brands
Real Juice Media Unveils Audience-Curated Lifestyle Personas for Brands

MIAMIJuly 9, 2024 — Real Juice Media (RJM) announces the launch of its audience-curated lifestyle personas, developed in partnership with LoopMe’s AMP Audience & Measurement Platform.

RJM’s personas reflect women-led lifestyles, offering brands proprietary insights to connect more deeply with consumers.

“Our thoughtfully crafted personas help brands engage with audiences on a deeper level, adding dimension to data-driven marketing,” said Jesse Judelman, Founder & CEO of Real Juice Media. “Our creative approach to data reflects our commitment to authenticity and cultural relevance in every aspect of our work.”

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RJM’s personas capture a wide range of mindsets and interests, featuring dozens of exclusive profiles highlighting how women drive culture from travel and exploration to foodie culture, fashion, mental and physical wellness, fitness, and community.

As leading drivers of social dynamics in the connected age, women promote a more active and vibrant lifestyle. These ad solutions capture this dynamism, empowering brands to market creatively based on a deeper understanding of audiences, including their attitudes towards media, entertainment, and consumer goods.

“We are thrilled to be powering RJM’s audiences through our AMP Audience & Measurement Platform,” said Rob Cukierman, Chief Product Officer at LoopMe. “The combination of RJM’s deep understanding of their audience, coupled with LoopMe’s direct consumer survey engine and patented AI, ensures both scalable and high-performing audiences and campaigns.”

Insights gained from the development of RJM’s personas, powered by advanced AI, enhance content and programming strategies for its FAST network, Telephone TV. Building on the foundation of a television network providing entertainment, this synergy cultivates community and like-minded engagement, providing a holistic advertising environment for brands to connect with audiences on their terms.

RJM’s personas are platform agnostic, available for activation across the programmatic marketplace as well as through direct channels, ensuring brands can reach consumers wherever they are.

About Real Juice Media:

Real Juice Media reimagines cultural media by amplifying diverse voices through innovative storytelling across social and traditional platforms. Telephone TV, a flagship brand of RJM, integrates women influencers into TV, celebrating authentic voices and relatable lifestyles.

For more information about Real Juice Media and its offerings, visit www.realjuicemedia.com or follow us on Instagram at @real_juice_media.

About LoopMe:

LoopMe is a technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance and outcomes. LoopMe was the first to apply AI to brand advertising. With consumer insights and AI at its core, LoopMe makes brand advertising better, outperforming industry benchmarks for leading global brands.

Contact: hello@realjuicemedia.com

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