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Tianjin Advances with AI

Tianjin Advances with AI
Tianjin Advances with AI

BEIJINGJune 21, 2024 —  A report from China Daily:

China’s status as a leading industrial powerhouse in the world will become even more pronounced in the era of AI, as artificial intelligence technology continues to advance in China and the digitalization of the manufacturing industry progresses further, said business leaders and experts on Friday.

They also said the development of intelligent technologies in China will reshape many industries and create more growth opportunities for enterprises at home and abroad.

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They made the remarks during the “CEO: Grow with China” roundtable, which was jointly held by China Daily, the Publicity Department of Tianjin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, and Tianjin Industrial and Information Technology Bureau.

The event is a sideline event of the ongoing World Intelligence Expo 2024, which opened on Thursday in Tianjin.

“AI technologies and (other) innovative technologies in China will be moving in the right direction,” said Rani Jarkas, chairman and CEO of Cedrus Group, who believes China will become a top leader in the area by 2030 to 2035.

“It’s very clear that alongside the investment in capacity, we’ve seen the introduction of greater automation, as well as the application of digital manufacturing techniques. And we see that in our supply chain in China today,” said Julian MacCormac, regional director of Greater China at Rolls-Royce.

Wei Jianguo, China’s former vice-minister of commerce, said the global manufacturing sector is currently being restructured. The sector is moving towards becoming more digital, intelligent and low-carbon, as well as to provide higher-quality services.

“It is foreseeable that digitalization will continue to empower China’s industrial upgrades and smart manufacturing. The country is expected to make new contributions to the global industrial progress and economic development,” said Zhao Zhongxiu, president of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

Lan Jun, general manager of Agela & Phenomenex China, said that driven by government support and market demand, China’s smart industry is poised to play an increasingly important role on the global stage.

Business leaders and experts at the roundtable thoroughly discussed new models and driving forces for the development of Tianjin’s intelligent industries and smart manufacturing. They believe the city’s high-quality development will create more opportunities for both Chinese and foreign companies.

Huang Yanxiang, co-founder and CEO of CarbonNewture, said Tianjin’s smart zero-carbon port and low-carbon industrial parks are typical examples of integrating eco-friendly practices and green technologies into manufacturing processes to increase competitiveness.

Cedrus Group recently launched a fund in Tianjin’s Binhai New Area, to tap investment cooperation potential in the biomedicine industry.

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