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Dr. Daniel Röshammar Joins InSilicoTrials as Vice President of Research & Development

Daniel Röshammar, Vice President of Research & Development at InSilicoTrials

MILANFeb. 12, 2024 — InSilicoTrials is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Daniel Röshammar as Vice President of Research & Development, marking a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize healthcare through the power of in silico technology. Dr. Röshammar brings to the role a wealth of experience and a deep passion for model-informed drug development (MIDD) with a proven track record in enhancing decision-making processes, reducing costs, and delivering medical products to patients faster and more efficiently.

With an illustrious career spanning various therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, reproductive health, and oncology, Dr. Röshammar’s boasts significant expertise in clinical drug development, clinical pharmacology, and pharmacometrics. His roles have ranged from Section Director at AstraZeneca to Managing Director of SGS Exprimo, and finally Portfolio Team and Business Leader at Pharmetheus, showcasing his ability to lead and innovate in complex environments.


“Daniel’s appointment is a testament to our commitment to leading the way in AI and simulation tools for drug development,” said Luca Emili, CEO of InSilicoTrials. “His exceptional experience, coupled with our cutting-edge platform, puts us in the position to further enhance our impact on the pharmaceutical sector, hyper-accelerating the development of new drugs with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

In his capacity as Vice President of Research & Development at InSilicoTrials, Dr. Daniel Röshammar will harness his profound knowledge in pharmacometrics and model-informed drug development to directly oversee and innovate our R&D projects. Specifically, he will be instrumental in refining our simulation methodologies, optimizing study designs for efficacy and safety evaluation, and integrating artificial intelligence to streamline drug development processes. Thus, Dr. Röshammar will not only drive the strategic growth of our R&D portfolio but also ensure that InSilicoTrials sets new benchmarks in leveraging technology for advancing healthcare solutions.

Dr. Röshammar holds an M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Clinical Drug Development from Uppsala UniversitySweden, followed by a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from Gothenburg University, Sweden. His journey through the pharmaceutical industry has been marked by significant achievements, including contributions to the submission of multiple approved drugs and leadership in global portfolio planning and strategic project scoping.

About InSilicoTrials. InSilicoTrials (IST) is a pioneering innovator in the field of clinical trials and healthcare technology. The company harnesses AI and simulations to advance drug development, utilizing in silico techniques to predict the safety and efficacy of potential compounds. This approach assists pharmaceutical companies in enhancing their development strategies, reducing the need for traditional, time-consuming and expensive clinical trials. The company’s cloud-based platform delivers cutting-edge tools for in silico trial analysis, allowing for the integration of AI and simulation technology into drug development workflows, streamlining the path to innovation.

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